Designing a site: Clarify the goals

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Consider the following questions when thinking about the objectives of your website.

What’s the object of your website?
Try the express purpose of your website in a sentence or short paragraph. If you are clear about the purpose of your site, it will also be clear to your visitors. Defining the purpose of your website, you will also ensure that web design way to achieve your goals.

Who are you trying to achieve with your website?
The website should be designed for the typical user, but are often designed for those responsible for creating. Be sure to have a good understanding of the audience for your website, and maintain the typical user in mind, to create and organize your website.

How will you know if your website is a success?
Establishes specific goals for your website that will help you to keep on target as you organize and create the site and allow you to design a website that works.

Your website will be updated? How many times? Who?
If your site contains news or information that changes periodically, you should be prepared to be updated regularly. Consider the cost in money and time involved in maintaining the site up to date.

Will it grow?
Treat yourself to a fixed amount of information or updates will be eventually? This is especially important to consider early in the design process, so that your site will have room to grow without the need of a total renovation.

How long will be shown this page?
Your web site is for use only for a limited period of time – say, for a term of school – or will be displayed indefinitely as a source of information? How long your data is interesting and useful?

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